Automate your work with data

Paste random or real data into text layers and components within Figma easily. Data Lab supports variables and data from Google Sheet, CSV, API and JSON.

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Ready-to-use variables

6 of the most popular data variables out-of-the-box plus infinitely extensible List variable.


Create complex sentences with variables

Use the full power of variables and lists to produce texts for your mockups.

Import datasets from any source

Seamlessly connect Data Lab to Google Sheets, CSV, API or JSON to use real data.

Create your own Datasets for one-click usage

Save lists with often used data without restrictions of length.

Customize Data Lab plugin

Save variable settings depending on your data format requirements.

Automate your work with data today

Install Data Lab and try all data variables. Pay just $2/month to unlock all features and save hours of boring work.

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“Thanks for the plugin! I use it all the time, you are the best!”

Krystian Kubicki

“This plugin is a lifesaver!”

Gordon Candelin

“Super helpful and easy to use. Thanks for making it.”

Chris Hadley

“Thanks for recent updates! Love this plugin”


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